How to Submit an Issue

This is a general guide for submitting questions to StackOverflow or issues to GitHub in a helpful way. If the asker doesn't follow these guidelines, it may be very difficult or impossible for anyone to answer the question.
Use these tips to frame the question so as to use both the asker's and answerer's time most effectively.

  1. GitHub Issues for bugs and enhancements, StackOverflow for general support.

  2. Clearly frame your question - be specific about the circumstances in which the problem occurs. Browser and version, if relevant.

  3. Start with a public resource, such as the online Slickgrid examples (not your private code - if this is the only option, see 5. below). Provide steps to reproduce the problem by altering the original in the minimal possibly way.

  4. if possible, give a visual of the behaviour. ScreenToGif (Windows) or LiceCap (MacOS) are great software that can make short screen recordings and render them as a GIF image that can be embedded into questions/bug reports. This can save hundreds of words of discussion

  5. If you have to share your code to demonstrate the problem

Note that files in any commit on GitHub can be referenced by a URL: