SlickGrid Activity

6Pac Repo -

Current master repo for SlickGrid core project


SlickGrid for Aurelia and Angular 4+

Erlingur Þorsteinsson -

Rails Gem for SlickGrid

GerHobbelt -

Ger Hobbelt has taken SlickGrid and run with it. This repo has many enhancements and new features, including Mouse & Touch support.
This is arguably an alternative master repo.

(post an issue on the 6pac repo, if you have a repo you want to feature here!)

TODO List - Minor

The Issue List provides an excellent source of needs to contribute to small, specific patches.

TODO List - Major

Do you have free time and want to help out? Have a pet feature you want to implement? Perhaps someone else has been there before!

Pinned/Frozen columns

This feature is like 'freeze panes' in Excel, but only for columns. The frozen columns stay visible, and other non-frozen columns can be scrolled out of view. Ideally, there should be controls something like rightFrozenColCount and leftFrozenColCount.

There is extensive discussion in issue 26.

The JLynch repo has a pinned column implementation, but it's quite out of date now.
See my comments on implementing it for the 6pac repo, in issue 26.

Removing jquery.event.drag.js and jquery.event.drop.js

The grid uses these third party libraries, originally made by Three Dub Media. These have been updated in the SlickGrid repo to be compatible with modern versions of jQuery, so there is no functional issue, it's just something that could be neater.
This was investigated in Issue 14 and Issue 15, but never really got off the ground. the jQueryUI drag and drop are quite different in API, and native browser drag and drop varies across browsers (it may come of age soon).

Updating to node ES6

This was investigated in Issue 41. @DimitarChristoff came up with some beta repos, these may have progressed since.


This has been discussed, and it appears not too difficult to do. Probably the best approach is to offer accessibility as a default, but to add a boolean option to suppress this if necessary. Accessibility does appear to demand some minor tweaks to the HTML of the grid.
Issue 87
Issue 206

Mobile Device Support

GerHobbelt's repo above claims to have touch support. Further investigation is needed regarding porting that back to the main SlickGrid repo.
Issue 74 discusses a possible fix but ends up at a dead end.