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Active SlickGrid Repositories

6Pac Repo -

Current master repo for SlickGrid core project


SlickGrid for Aurelia and Angular 4+ using TypeScript. These projects is layered on top of the 6pac repo and will hopefully be integrated one day (awaiting typescript conversion).

Erlingur Þorsteinsson -

Rails Gem for SlickGrid

GerHobbelt -

This was one of the most active forks for a long time, and has a lot of useful features and enhancements. However recently, it has not been updated since 2015.

(post an issue on the 6pac repo, if you have a repo you want to feature here!)

Recent Updates

The project has been very active lately, mainly thanks to @ghiscoding and some other contributors to specific features.


We've come a long way, but the following tasks will be necessary to update SlickGrid to a fully functional modern library:

TypeScipt conversion

This is a big task, but one that would support full intellisense and allow full integration with @Ghiscoding's SlickGrid-Universal


It really is time that we got some proper documentation pages up and running. Documentation takes ages, but it is an absolutely essential part of any complex component.
I really like the style of MomentJS's documentation pages, so I think this is a good start for the overall design. At present, we create an example page for pretty much every new feature, which gives great guidance bu is not a substitute for documentation.


This has been discussed, and it appears not too difficult to do. Probably the best approach is to offer accessibility as a default, but to add a boolean option to suppress this if necessary. Accessibility does appear to demand some minor tweaks to the HTML of the grid. @ghiscoding has made some basic changes recently, but it would be ideal to have someone who is familiar with the latest trends in accessibility be part of any effort to implement this, even if only as an advisor.

Issue 87
Issue 206